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What certification does Silver Express by Flying Academy have?

Silver Express by Flying Academy USA is the flight school authorized by the FAA under Part 141 and Part 61.


Where is Silver Express by Flying Academy located?

Silver Express by Flying Academy is located just 13 miles (21 km) southwest of Downtown Miami at Miami Executive Airport (KTMB), Miami FL, USA.
Miami Executive Airport with its high volume of traffic will prepare those wanting a professional pilot career.


What do I need to be able to start the training?

In order to start the training you will need to:

meet the requirements for particular course that you are interested in

Have Visa (if it is required)

  • Have sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics
  • Have English language knowledge - FTO oral and written test 
  • Get Class Medical Certificate
  • Have a secondary school education certificate


When can I start my training?

You can start your training as soon as you have all the needed documents. 


Are your planes safe?

The FAA regulation in USA is very strict about aviation safety. Our fleet is maintained at the highest levels of safety.


Do you offer accommodation?

Our staff will help you find the most suitable place during your study. Flying Academy can provide accommodation to fit everyone's taste and budget. Short-term and long-term accommodations are available on the request. 

Single rooms cost 950 USD / month, shared rooms with another student of Flying Academy are available for a total of 1,300 USD / month. Internet and all other services are included.


Do you offer scholarships?

Silver Express by Flying Academy is a commercial training facility, so we do not provide scholarships or loans. Still, we can offer you the needed documentation for you to apply for a bank loan for the studies.

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